CDA Pro-AV Avails the Krix “Wall of Sound” loudspeakers for Southeast Asia

CDA Pro-AV (“CDA”) has announced the immediate availability of the MX-5 high-performance, home cinema loudspeaker system by Krix for the Southeast Asian market. The Krix MX-5 is part of a modular series of loudspeakers affectionately known by home cinema enthusiasts and professionals as the “Wall of Sound”.

Designed specifically for small homes and rooms, the MX-5 is a miniaturised version of behind-the-screen loudspeaker systems that are found in professional and commercial cinemas worldwide. Using their
commercial cinema heritage of over 35 years, Krix engineers have adapted their technology for the MX-5 so that the excitement and adventure of films and movies experienced at bigger, professional cinemas are not compromised when enjoyed at home.

“The versatility of the entire MX-series and particularly the MX-5 is immense,” says Rick Dowel, Founder and Managing Director of CDA Pro-AV, the regional distributor of Krix products in Southeast Asia. “Not only can they be deployed as they are originally designed, the Krix MX-5 can also be creatively installed under contemporary flat-screen televisions as the ultimate soundbar. Their shallow depth and highly impressive sonic realism make them extremely ideal for cinema enthusiasts living in typical apartments and small houses. With the growing popularity of online film streaming, gaming, and home-based content creation, we believe the MX-5 will be the ultimate value proposition for film lovers, gamers and other creative uses for home entertainment and productivity.”

The MX-5 is typically configured as a passive, left, centre, and right (LCR) modules with a pair of matching subwoofers. Individually, the satellite speakers are a full-range, two-way, ported design featuring 8-inch
midwoofers and a 1-inch fabric dome tweeter mated to a Krix-designed 90° x 40° short-throw waveguide. The subwoofers are a bass reflex, single-driver design featuring 11-inch doped paper cone drivers with 2-
inch voice coils. Optional matching surround speakers, spacers and mounting hardware are also available for baffle-wall mounting as well as on-floor, under-television installation. Collectively, the speaker system
features an infinite baffle wall design, a shallow depth profile of 190mm and has an in-room frequency response from 30 to 20 kHz.

The MX-5 works very well on the floor under your big screen TV
Michael Cox

Michael Cox

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