The Majestic 4K UHD Screen is our flagship 16:9 format screen.

The Majestic 4K screen features a newly designed 75mm wide alloy frame clad in the world famous Black Fidelio Velvet for that perfect finish.


This screen format is for use with an Anamorphic lens or a zooming projector like the JVC, Sony or Epson range.

Standard ratio made is 2.37:1 but other formats available, 2.35, 2.39, 2.40:1 etc. Just ask.

The Majestic Scope Screen is our flagship 21:9 format screen.

The Majestic Scope screen features a newly designed 75mm wide alloy frame, clad in the World Famous Black Fidelio Velvet by JB Martin for a stunning finish.

2.37 Majestic Cinemascope Screen with Acoustic Vision

Fidelio Velvet

Fidelio Velvet is the blackest material on the planet and is used as the border material on all Majestic projection screen frames.

Fidelio Velvet is up to 25 times blacker than imitation velvet or flocking. Fidelio velvet soaks up projector overscan better than anything in the market therefore creating the ‘vanishing screen’ effect with a razor sharp edge for your projected image.

Fidelio velvet comes as standard on all Majestic Screens.

Velvet Frames and Over Scanning

One of the integral parts of what makes an excellent cinema screen is the frame surround and this is something that is often overlooked. The blacker the frame, the crisper and neater the image will appear on the screen.

When using a projector, you will notice the edges of the image are quite undefined and so there will be some noise and grain on the extreme edges of the image. This occurs particularly with HDTV sources. This soft or blurred edge projects onto the velvet border creating a sharp edge to the image.

Standard Screen Sizes

For 16:9
82″, 84″ 88″, 92″, 96″, 100″, 106″ 110″, 115″, 120″, 125″ 130″, 135″, 140″, 145″ & 150″

For Cinemascope
100″, 110″, 120″, 130″, 140″, 150″, 160″, 170″, 180″ & 190″

Custom sizes are available upon request

Evo Ultra 4K – Front Projection
○ 1.26 gain ○ 300 microns thick ○ Black Backing

4th Generation front projection vinyl the Evo Ultra 4K is a matte white projection foil. Designed for Ultra High Definition (UHD) Projectors including resolutions of up to 4K and beyond. The Evo Ultra 4K yields accurate spectral response and white field uniformity standards with a 1.26 gain for bright, colour rich images. A black backing prevents light leakage and an smooth viewing surface for excellent focussing providing sharper images. The Evo Ultra 4K is the equivalent of optical perfection in the home cinema screen industry.
– Max screen sizes: 150″ 16:9 format and 190″ 21:9 format.

The Evo 4K Majestic Screen

Acoustic Vision 4K – Acoustically Transparent
○ 1.16 gain ○ 600 microns thick

A premium, vinyl coated Acoustically Transparent (AT) woven fabric for those wanting to place loudspeakers behind the screen with a 1.16 gain for use with all projectors SD, 4K, 8K and beyond. This premium woven material provides a smooth audio response with minimal loses at high frequencies. – Max screen sizes: 200″ 16:9 format and 250″ 21:9 format.

150 inch 16:9 Acoustic Vision Majestic Screen at Fox Studios

Evo Ultra Grey4K – High Contrast for High Ambient Light, Front Projection
○ 0.9 gain ○ 300 microns thick

A high contrast, grey front projection screen, the Evo Ultra Grey4K is designed for the new range of UHD Projectors. Perfectly suited for use in media spaces, cinema rooms, clubs, public areas, conference rooms, houses of worship and rooms where ambient light is a problem. The Evo Ultra Grey4K is a neutral grey vinyl that increases contrast, black levels, shadow detail and colour saturation in rooms with ambient light. – Max screen sizes: 170″ 16:9 format and 215″ 21:9 format.

The black level achieved on the Majestic Evo4K is remarkable

Optema* Rear Projection

○ 1.5 gain ○ 300 microns thick

Ultra smooth viewing surface for all LCD, DLP, LCOS rear projects for resolutions of 4K and above.For commercial applications such as clubs, places of worship, museums, expos etc. – Max screen sizes: 170″ 16:9 format and 215″ 21:9 format.

(*Optema is a Trade Mark of Majestic Cinema Screens)

All components used in the manufacture of Majestic Screens come from Australia, Europe and the USA.