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Aaton Cantar X-3

The ultimate 24-track location audio mixer-recorder

○ Multi-Track Digital Audio Recorder
○ Perfect design for cart or shoulder operation
○ Swivelling front panel with ultra bright large colour display (Transvideo design)
○ User friendly with intuitive menus and comfortable mechanical controls
○ Uncompromised audio quality with unique on-board mixer
○ Features integrated reports (PDF and Database), AutoSlate detection, Playback & Record…and more


A reference in location audio mixer-recorders with 24 tracks and 54 analog and digital inputs including access to the Dante Audinate™ audio network system and peripherals.

24 Track Digital Audio Recorder


The CantarX3 has incredible features and tools to facilitate and enhance the work of sound engineers, widely used in the film and broadcast industry, it is the most advanced recorder of its generation packed with an impressive array of innovative features for the audio professional.

Display visible in all conditions

With such optimised ergonomics and a comprehensive display, the CantarX3 is extremely robust and can go on working in extreme conditions of heat and cold, recently being used on location high on Mount Everest.