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Gotham GAC-1 Ultra Pro

> Very Low Noise
> Flexible
> LCOF Construction

Due to its quiet behaviour and high strength, Gotham GAC-1 unbalanced cable is ideally suited for analog signal interconnects. It is equally suited for live applications such as a live guitar, bass or keyboard.


The ‘GAC-1 Ultra Pro’ is the highest quality offering from Gotham for unbalanced audio cables.

There are two major types of noise that affect all audio cables – electrical interference and microphonics. Unbalanced audio cables are much more sensitive to electrical interference compared to balanced cables which, because of their twisted pair configuration, have the ability to mutually cancel EMI.

Microphonic noise is caused by static charges generated when the conductor is rubbed/moved against its insulation. This occurs to some degree whenever the cable is moved. The microphonic effect is evident by a clicking noise in the system, usually occurring when the cable is handled or moved. Gotham GAC-1 ultra pro unbalanced cable has been engineered to minimise these affects.

Gotham has also went a step further by adding yet another layer of conductive plastic between the conductor itself and the isolation of the conductor. Essentially making a conductive material ‘sandwich’ between the 2 copper shields and the conductor isolation itself.

Gotham uses only LCOF high-grade copper in all of its cables. Accept no compromise.


  1. Jacket: PVC, max ∅ 6.3mm / 0.25 inches
  2. Shield No.1: 90x bare LCOF copper wires (0.10mm / 38AWG) 100% coverage
  3. Shield No.2: 98x bare LCOF copper wires (0.10mm / 38AWG) 100% coverage opposite wound
  4. Layer: PVC, semi-conductive black
  5. Isolation: Cellular PE, ∅ 2.50mm / 0.1 inches
  6. Layer: PVC, semi-conductive black ∅ 0.75mm / 0.03 inches
  7. Conductor: stranded bare LCOF copper wires 7 x 0.20mm (0.22mm²)/7 x 24AWG (23AWG)

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