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Gotham GAC-2 Foil FRNC

> Very Low Noise
> Flexible
> LCOF Construction

Due to its quiet behaviour and high strength, Gotham GAC-1 unbalanced cable is ideally suited for analog signal interconnects. It is equally suited for live applications such as a live guitar, bass or keyboard.


The Gotham GAC-2 Foil FRNC is a balanced shielded audio cable! Foil shielded halogen free installation cable using 7 x 0.20 mm tinned wires for IDT. Designed for wiring balanced audio signals in a metal environment. Aluminium foil is melt with the jacket and will come off automatically. The twisting of the each 7 strands is so tight that once peeling the insulation off, the strands do not come apart and the cable can be installed without additional handling. The non corrosive material chosen, allows this cable to be used for fixed installations in public buildings and in governmental installations where halogen free products are demanded. The jacket is made of flame retarded polyolefine material.

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Outer Jacket
Polyolefine, Ø 3.0mm

Shield No. 1
Aluminium-Polyester foil

Drain Wire
Stranded tinned copper wires 7 x 0.22mm (0.22mm²)

Conductor Insulation
PE, Ø 1.1mm twisted, black and red conductors

Stranded tinned copper wires 7 x 0.20mm (0.22mm²)


Conductor resistance
< 85 Ohm/1000m

Shielding resistance
< 65 Ohm/1000m

Conductor/Shield < 141 nF/1000m
Conductor/Conductor < 75 nF/1000m

Test voltage
Conductor/Shield 1500v eff
Conductor/Conductor 500v eff

Temperature range
fixed installation: -30° to +70° C
non-fixed installation: -5° to +50° C

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