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Gotham 50010 2 x 1.0mm PVC

> Flexible and Strong
> Suitable for long lengths
> Broad range of applications

Flexible Speaker cable for power amplifiers up to 650 watts and 70/100 volt installations.


The Gotham 50010 speaker cable is for power amplifiers up to 650 Watts, 100 volts installations, power mixers, voice and instrument amplifiers may be transmitted safely with this conductor size of 1.0mm². The GAC ultra-flexible speaker cables are Gotham’s solution for delivering long runs of speaker-level signals in various consumer and professional installs, broadcast and live sound applications.

Unique to Gotham cables, every speaker cable is delivered with a thick layer of air-tight PVC jacket that is ultra-soft and pliant, with a class-leading bending radii and longevity that would not be found in other cables. This allows GAC speaker cables to be installed long-term in places where speaker cables are required to be concealed post-install (such as under carpets, small diameter metal conduit or within walls where installation depths are restricted). Before installing this cable into permanent, commercial installations take time to understand local or regional safety regulations relating to the installation of PVC or Non-Flame Retardant cable.

The Gotham 50010 is 100% Oxygen Free Cable Copper and not copperised aluminium cable

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There is no mystery to speaker cables, a good speaker cable is designed to carry current from the amplifier to the loudspeaker while providing low resistance, capacitance and inductance. There are a number of loudspeaker cable manufacturers that make all type of claims that simply cannot be proven. The general rule-of-thumb is to keep cable runs at a practical length with no “kinks” or loops in the cable. Besides, if loudspeaker cables were that important, why don’t the loudspeaker manufacturers supply their products with their choice of critically optimised cable attached?