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Gotham 50150 Coaxial Speaker Cable

> High Current Capacity
> Suitable for High Performance Car Audio
> Excellent Flexibility


Gotham 50150 Coaxial Speaker cables are designed to carry high current. The ideal speaker cable is to have the lowest possible resistance between amplifier and speaker. In order to get the lowest possible resistance, the construction of the cable should use as much copper to the connector as possible to minimise the energy loss. Using a cable with a too small diameter or not enough Oxygen Free Copper can result in a higher resistance pre-metre that can possibly affect your sound level and quality.

Gotham currently offers different speaker cable types which can be combined as single line, stereo line or Bi-phase lines, constructed to provided the lowest possible resistance. All PUR Gotham  50150 speaker cables are protected with an ultra strong and temperature resistant polyurethane (PUR) jacket.

The double layer copper strands for the shields are built to keep good flexibility and the stronger stranding of the center conductor (line) that will keep the unwanted memory (bendings or kinks) to the minimum.

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